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Is my Kira okay? Need improvement?
While I've been playing Kira for over a year I know I get some things wrong and sometimes don't notice. So feedback is not only welcome, it's also helpful.
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IC Contact

Hello, you've reached the voice mail of Lieutenant Kira Izuru. I'm afraid I'm unable to answer the phone at the moment, but if you leave your name, number and a brief message, I'll return your call as quickly as possible.


Info Post

Character Information

Canon Source: Bleach
Canon Format: Manga/Anime
Character's Name: Izuru Kira
Character's Age: Anywhere from 90 to 100, but he looks like he's in his early 20's.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played.

What form will your character's NV take? A small silver cell phone that looks like this

Character's Canon Abilities: As a shinigami Izuru is skilled with both a zanpakutou (sword or katana with with supernatural abilities) and kido (demon arts). Kido is spiritual energy being used for spells. here are three types of kido; destruction, binding, and healing. Zanpkutou are used to send spirits to the afterlife, and to purify hollows (human souls that have been corrupted)and send them to Soul Society, which is the afterlife. Each zanpakutou has a name and their own special abilities. Izuru's zanpakutou is Wabisuke(meaning-apologize). Upon release, his blade bends into a squared hook-like shape, and his shikai increases the weight of anything it touches, leading the enemy to bow their head down almost as if in apology.

He's also able to use shunpo (flash-step), a technique used to move from place to place very quickly.

He was once in Fourth division, which means he also has some experience in healing. Fourth Division is responsible for healing injuries, and other jobs such as cleaning.

Weapons: Izuru will be carrying Wabisuke (his zanpakutou/sword), and some shinten (an anaesthetic).

Character History: Izuru is from a family of lower nobility. Not much is known about his family or really anything before he joined the academy. Shortly after his parents deaths, Izuru joined the Shinigami Academy, this was where he met Hinamori Momo and Abarai Renji. The three became friends after a standard training exercise went wrong, and the three pulled together to try to save Hisagi Shuuhei from a hollow. Despite his bravado only moments before, Izuru began to panic, and said that he didn't want to die. Fortunately for the four academy students, a captain (Aizen Sosuke) and vice-captain (Ichimaru Gin) showed up just in time to save them and purify the hollow.

Years later he became vice-captain of Third Division under Ichimaru Gin. He had been in both Fifth Division and Fourth prior to joining Third. It is unknown how long it had been since he was in either division, but he was in Fourth long enough to learn some healing. He was first shown finding Renji's unconscious body, and having his friend brought to Fourth to be healed.
Izuru was fiercely loyal to his captain, even going as far as to try to attack Momo when she attempted to kill his captain in a grief induced rage. He refused to allow her to fight Gin, and was about to use his shikai on her when Hitsugaya intervened. After this, both Izuru and Momo were imprisoned for their actions, and Izuru broke-down in guilt for fighting Momo, calling himself a "monster", and at some point harmed himself badly enough that he had be put in restraints.

Eventually Gin broke Izuru out of his jail cell, and Izuru witnessed his captain's fight with Captain Hitsugaya, who stated that he wasn't surprised to see the two together. Hitsugaya told Izuru to leave, but Izuru remained despite the warning, and put himself in danger. Later, with the promise that Momo wouldn't be hurt, he was ordered to distract Hitsuguya, and lead him away from Central 46. Izuru ended up hinting to Hitsuguya that Momo was in danger, telling him that she had followed them to the Central 46 Chambers, and sent him to find her. Izuru then revealed his shikai as he fought and lost to Hitsuguya's vice-captain, Matsumoto Rangiku, after she revealed that she didn't need to hold her zanpaktou in order to fight. Later, when Gin was revealed to be a traitor, Izuru apologized to Rangiku, and shortly after, began drinking with her and Shuuhei, whose captain had also been revealed to be a traitor. The three were found the next day by Hitsugaya, the two men only half-dressed when the captain arrived.

A few weeks after those events, the arrancar (hollows with powers similar to shinigami) began appearing, and caused trouble for both shinigami and humans alike. During this time, Izuru and the other shinigami spent their time training, and he wasn't seen again until he was sent to guard one of the four pillars of the fake Karakura Town, where he fought, and by using his shikai, defeated Avirama Redder, an arrancar and Fracción of the second espada, Barragan. Right before he decapitated Avirama, he explained the nature of his zanpakutou and Third Division, revealing that the flower of Third is a Marigold, which was fitting both for Third and for its vice-captain, as it meant "despair". He explained his view on war, saying that it not heroic or exciting, but full of despair and darkness, sorrow and gloom. Not long after his fight he showed up and knocked out a near hysterical Ayasegawa Yumichika with a shinten (anaesthetic), admonishing him for the way he spoke to Shuuhei, a superior officer, and prevented him from going to his injured friend. He made another appearance after Rangiku and several more allies were seriously injured in their own fights. It was then that it was revealed that Izuru had once been in Fourth Division as a healer, though he feared that he was out of practice as it had been a long time. He began healing Rangiku first, telling Momo to hold on a bit longer. The creature that had injured the others began approaching him, which caused the soutaichou to step in and help.

After the traitors were freed, he told Komamura to help the other captains, despite fearing they would lose to Aizen.

He later believed Aizen had finally been defeated, but it turned out to be a trick, and instead, Momo was seriously injured in Aizen's place. After approaching Aizen, believing he was Momo, Izuru was cut down by Aizen's blade. Izuru regained consciousness long enough to call out his captain's name, and shortly after, watched as the three traitors left for the real Karakura Town. He unsuccessfully tried to stop an injured Rangiku from running after the traitors, concerned about her wounds, but he was too injured to run after her.

Point in Canon: Chapter 405, after watching Rangiku run after Aizen and Gin.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality: Coming from a family of nobility, Izuru always tries to behave in a manner that will represent them, and himself, well. He's incredibly well-mannered and polite. Izuru is a very hardworking man, and is extremely loyal to both Soul Society and his division. He has a strong sense of duty, and will follow orders given by superior officers without question. He takes his job very seriously, and isn't the type to break rules or talk back. He has a strong respect for authority and the laws of the Gotei Thirteen. However, while still respectful, he is not as trusting as he once was, due to his captain's betrayal and all the lies he had been told. This has made him toughen up quite a bit, making him both stronger and colder.

Gin was the person Izuru trusted above all others and he followed his orders without question, even when it when it meant going against his own friends. Gin was a better captain than he may have seemed at first glance, since he was well like by most of Third Division and it's obvious that Izuru misses him. Gin and Izuru had a pretty good working relationship, and probably got along really well. Like most lieutenants, Izuru thought very highly of his captain and hoped Gin thought highly of him in return. Which was why Izuru was so frightened and confused when Gin showed up outside his jail cell offering to free him. He felt as though he disgraced both Third Division and his captain, and was worried how Gin would view him after that.

He has a tendency to be very hard on himself when he feels he's done something wrong. One example is when he berated himself in a jail cell for raising his zanpakutou at Momo. He was extremely disgusted with himself, and felt immense guilt for his actions against one of his closest friends. This guilt weighed so heavily on him that he ended up harming himself and had to be put in restraints.

Momo is undoubtedly one of the most important people in Izuru's life and their friendship has made a huge impact on him. It's possible Izuru has some romantic feelings for Momo, though it's unlikely he would ever act on those feelings, both because of the possibility of rejection and concern over Momo's mental state after what her captain did to her. It's also likely he worries there might be a rift between them after he tried to fight her. He probably still feels a lot of guilt for his part in that situation and even though he's seen her since then, he hasn't had the chance to talk things out with her yet and apologize. He consider her one of his best friends so it would be important to him that he make things right.

Renji is another person Izuru is close friends with. He met Renji, as well as Momo, when he started attending the shinigami academy, and the three of them became friends after coming together to help save an upperclassman, Hisagi Shuuhei, from a hollow. They've been friends for decades and Izuru seems close enough to Renji to feel comfortable offering him advice about Rukia. Izuru is also friends with Shuuhei and Rangiku, both of whom he's gotten drunk with at least once. Shuuhei and Izuru lost their captains, and Rangiku lost her friend (who was also Izuru's captain) at the same time, causing the three to bond over alcohol. Izuru hangs out with Shuuhei quite often, so they're probably nearly as close, if not just as just close as Izuru is with Renji and Momo.

Despite having good friends and colleagues, he can be somewhat of a nervous and shy person, sometimes making social interactions a bit awkward for him. He's also not particularly optimistic, often coming across as a depressed or gloomy. He doesn't seem to smile very often, which is understandable after his captain's betrayal. He likely has a lot of stress, having to take responsibility for Third Division on his own as both vice-captain and acting-captain. He also has to handle the guilt of the shame he brought upon himself, his family name, and his squad when he helped Gin.

Though some may see him as weak, Izuru is a skilled fighter and does his job with unwavering determination. Izuru is not the type to see glory in war, instead feeling that it is full of darkness and despair. His beliefs on war are fitting, considering the Third division insignia is a marigold, which according to Izuru, represents despair. However, his personal view on war and violence does not stop him from doing what he must, and he's capable of fighting with a somewhat cold detachment that could be mistaken for indifference.

As for Izuru's less serious side, he enjoys writing haiku and playing cat's cradle.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game:

Character Plans: He main priority will be to find a way out of there, but while he's there he'll take the orders of Zaraki Kenpachi and any other captains that may show up. He'll also do everything he can to keep his friends and allies safe there.

Appearance/PB: He looks like this

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The NV turns on and a very exhausted looking young man appears on the screen.] ...Oh, this is on?

Uh, okay, well...hello. My name is Kira Izuru, and I just got here last night. [Sighs and gives the NV an unsure frown] I don't really know how this thing works yet. Whether several people can see me at once, just one at a time, or if I'm just talking to myself now, but if anyone can see this...

If someone could tell me how I got here and how to leave, I'd be very greatful. Any information about this place would be appreciated, actually.

Third Person Sample He wasn't sure how long he'd been lying on the ground of the baseball field. Only minutes, probably, but it felt like hours. Hours trying to fight back the nausea and clear the fuzziness from his head long enough to sit up and take in his surroundings. Unfortunately, he was still injured and while it wasn't the worst wound he's ever had, it certainly made this new predicament that much harder. But he knew things would get much worse if he remained there, out in the open, bleeding and doing nothing about it, so he took a deep breath and he slowly sat up. Where was he? There was nothing recognizable about this place and his allies were nowhere to be seen, but he must have gotten there somehow. Could it have been Aizen? No...last he saw, Aizen and Ichimaru-tai-- ...Ichimaru were on their way to the real Karakura Town. Aizen wouldn't waste his time doing something like this, not now, and not to someone like Izuru, who wasn't any sort of threat to either traitor in his condition. So the question remained: where was he and how did he get there? The more he thought about it, the more questions he had.

But this wasn't the place to be asking them. He was much too visible where he was, and it was too risky to stay there. He would have to find somewhere more concealing before trying to heal his wounds and make sense of this situation. He gasped in pain as he finally stood, but pressing his hand tight against the wound, he began walking toward a dugout, refusing to remain a sitting duck in the middle of the field. He ripped off some of the cloth from his shihakusho and used it to add pressure to the wound as he slowly made his way across the field. He took note of some of the graffiti, frowning with distaste at the 'you're fucked now, newmeat' sign. Some signs were much more helpful and he was relieved to realize the dugouts were exactly where he should be heading.

It made him wonder how many others had been in a situation like this in the past. Judging from the graffiti, it appeared to be a common occurance. But judging from the graffiti, monsters seemed to be pretty common in this bizarre nightmare of a city, as well, and while fighting 'monsters' wasn't anything new to Izuru, he was in no condition to be doing such a thing alone. And he was most certainly alone at the moment...

His thoughts drifted to his friends and allies and he hoped they were okay. So many people had been hurt... Hinamori had been hurt, again, and there was nothing he could do to help. Matsumoto, still injured, risked her life chasing after the enemy and all he had done was watch and call after her helplessly. It was all a huge mess, and now it was worse, because he had no idea where he was or where any of the others were, and the last thing any of them needed was a situation like this. If it weren't for the rusty smell of blood and the ache in every movement he made, he would probably think it all a very bad dream.
She's gone...

He really shouldn't be surprised; these things happen, people leave. Sometimes they have a choice, and sometimes there's nothing that can be done (The farm is long gone). He shouldn't be surprised, he should be used to it by now.

He spent the entire night, and now most of the morning cleaning their home (not theirs anymore). Clearing out the room she had shared with Kurosaki-san, packing the things she left behind, and purging any evidence that their presence had once been there. Washing, sweeping, scrubbing anything that she had touched, or so much as looked at.

It's not that he wants to erase her memory from his mind, or pretend she had never lived with him; he wouldn't trade the last nine months for the world. But it's too much to walk in the door, smell her perfume, see her empty coffee cup, and know that she's not there. Will never be there (Who's going to understand now?).

He glances toward her remaining sake bottles. And oh, does he want to drink... but not those. They belonged to her, and he doesn't want to taste one damn drop when she's not there to drink with him. He'll gather them all up later, once he's done with everything else. He'll carry the sake out of the house, and pour them down the drain of a different kitchen. Not their kitchen, but theirs all the same. How many times had they sat there together drinking, talking, not really caring who else showed up? One more thing they'll never do again. Not here.

Pushing the hair out of his face once again, he goes back to scrubbing down the kitchen counter; he had already emptied and cleaned her room, and the living room. Maybe if he uses enough bleach, it will all be new. Or maybe he should pack up, get Pet-sama (he never told their "pet" about any of this), and start fresh elsewhere.

He can feel it... the emptiness she had left, the dull ache spreading from his throat to his chest, the throbbing behind his eyes. There's a huge hole where she once was, and he doesn't want to think about it anymore. Doesn't want to feel it or care. Shaky fingers tighten around soapy cloth, and he scrubs harder, more determined.

For now he'll put on a smile, think of the few friends still there, and pretend tomorrow will be better. Because nothing will change the fact that she's gone.

OOC: fic

An awesome drabble written for me by prof_ryoki

Kira’s eyes were wide and his heart was racing as he surveyed the plans before him; with all the concentration and diligence of a commander directing his troops in battle he examined the paper and small flags with different names written on in tiny script.

Familiar arms wrapped around him from behind and long white hair swished in front of his face as

Ukitake kissed him on the cheek; Kira felt his muscles involuntarily relax at the arrival of his lover and a tired smile lit up his face.

“You worry too much,” Ukitake said softly, laughter in his voice.

“Fine then,” Kira replied, kissing his lover and pushing the paper towards him. “You work out the seating plans for the reception.”



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